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Reviews for "Balloon Invasion"

A great game

amazing in length good gameplay score and awsome necissary upgrades I have no idea how you can make a game with this kind of gameplay any better keep up the good work o accept for allowing us to choose where we place the buildings instead of haveing to build your way up till you can finnaly place it ..... but other then that perfect

Incoming invasion, take care

Too addictive...
This is a very great game, veryyyy long, and quite difficult. It is just a bit annoying when facing two or three levels with the same kind of patterns. But gold levels are definetely good ones, with some sweat to finish them...

amazingly in depth

really great game, just wish it was faster paced. things sorta went slow and it got bored too fast.

very nice and time killing

killed everything in the game, ever boss got up to lvl29. so this game wasn't to hard. i didn't even died... but getting all those medals is tricky... great game ! where is part two ?

it was ok

it was nicly made but i got bored pretty quick