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Reviews for "Balloon Invasion"

Pretty good

It was repetitive, and at times was too hard, but a really nice game overall.

Excelent game

It was great, although I do wish i could level up more. Good job


I enjoyed it, although it got VERY repetitive. I wasn't too pleased with the introduction to the controls, but I was able to pick up on them pretty quickly.

Not the best, but better than most.

Fantastic game

I can't believe it's free ;)

Really great game

Okay, the levels get a little bit samey (I ended up just starting each one with 6-5-4-8-7 as soon as I could afford each building, then flak & support as needed) but the challenge increases at a good rate, enough to keep me playing through to the end of the basic game. I like that you can go back and replay battles for different badges etc, and the fact that buildings level up. One thing I would like is more options on the main flak, ie not just artillery but maybe some of the other functions from the buildings. Still it's an addicting game as it is, good work!