Reviews for "Massive Destruction"


made me laugh:)
excellent drawn!




I LIKE THE IRONY OF THAT... and i totally see that you ignored thatlock jaw dude for a reason.. the reason is he called you a boy...
and the truth is...
you are a girl
jk jk
lol but i like the movie../show/short animation
well cya later.. keep the great work comin because we all know that we enjoy it

Daani responds:

Unfortunatelly for you, I'm a male;)

Thanks for the rev m8!

even if that was just practice that was good

we are going to see more from you right?I hope cus I played all the clear visions and they were great!!!

good job

Awesome game, second one was just as good.. great story and everything! However..the latest one.. sucked.. did you just give up? There was only 3 cut-scenes and they made no sense... not to mention the intro showed a cast of people.. which didn't exist in the game-play... however, I digress, good job on this one anyway.

Daani responds:

You should write reviews for Clear Vision where they belong and not here! The cutscenes are a bit deep and it takes someone who is older to understand them maybe.