Reviews for "Massive Destruction"

Nice work

Lol, short but really good!!!
Your artwork is defiantly showing improvement as like someone said before, the style is very similar to Adam Philips AND IM REALLY DIGGING IT :):):)



This is awesome! You've got some real talent, and I'd hate to see that wasted. Keep it up!

Daani responds:

Thank you Itokia:)


There are comets which come to earth with a massive trail, but are accually the size of a pebble, and just like this flash they can carry dangerous chemicals or deseases!

And nice animes you got there, keep up the good work!


I love it how this flash animation is drawn! And I find it hilarious to withness the sight of a dramaticly deadly comet coming towards the earth and crashing into it, and later it seemed to be nothing! Keep up the good work, you have my support!

Daani responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate it!


Funny at end and awesome art work