Reviews for "Massive Destruction"

Great Scenery!

I thought the guy suddenly popping up with that face was halarious!
Your scenery is amazing! The people are ok, but practice will definatly fix that.
Keep it up! I love all your stuff so far :)

Daani responds:

Thanks man:) yeah I know the people is not the best but I'm constantly improving!





I LIKE THE IRONY OF THAT... and i totally see that you ignored thatlock jaw dude for a reason.. the reason is he called you a boy...
and the truth is...
you are a girl
jk jk
lol but i like the movie../show/short animation
well cya later.. keep the great work comin because we all know that we enjoy it

Daani responds:

Unfortunatelly for you, I'm a male;)

Thanks for the rev m8!

It just goes to show

something doesnt have to be big to cause massive destruction. 10/10 for concept.

The ending was funny!