Reviews for "Massive Destruction"


fun one pretty good animated to

Not bad!

I give it 8/10 since I know your were just practicing, but for just doing that this came out pretty good. I like how your putting time into your work by practicing, and it's also cool how your confident enough to let everyone see your stuff that your just practicing on, or it might be that you just don't care and I like that!! Keep up the hard work, hope to see more from you like Clear Vision I & II, which love!!

Daani responds:

Thanks man:) I really like when someone actually has something good to say in the reviews.
And trust me, you'll see more of my work:)

Take Care!

Good for the Most Part

I will admit, for it's size it is very high quality. The guy seems a little odd looking, but most of it (mainly the beginning for me) was quite good! Keep up the good work.


Well that was Anti-Climactic, i was hoping for a very well animated giant all-obliterating blast.


that was hilarious. the ironic humor in it was fantastic. i hope that we will see more from you soon!