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Reviews for "Dress my Babe 6"

whats thhe beginning song the rock one

Holy shit this game is ANCIENT

i really liked this game wish there was a 2019 version, also i made her disappear and forgot how to fix her

I'm happy that this has one of my favorite BDSM fetishes, which is nipple electrocution with Jumper cables to be exact, I kinda wished if her skeleton would flash if you picked the last shock level. But that aside, it's a great game.

Edit 8/2/2020: Shit. Coming back to this game 1 year later, it's still good, I kind of cringe at the comment I made above, since I made it in the heat of the moment. But other than that, it's a good game!

I've created a guide that's more complete than CumFlakes and should have every secret discovered, copy and paste this one instead of his

The Ultimate Dress My Babe 6 Secrets guide

-Time Bonuses
- 1,000$ 05 minutes
- 2,000$ 10 minutes
-10,000$ 15 minutes
-15,000$ 20 minutes
-18,000$ 30 minutes
-25,000$ 45 minutes
-Area secrets
-You should hide the girl for these next ones

-Area 3
-500$ Click near the middles of the bigger snow pile on the middle left, a snowball will fly in the air, click it
-200$ Click on the small snow circle under the higher snow pile to the right of the screen

-Area 5
-100$ There should be three decently sized palm trees in full view, click the Middle one of these to spawn a cannon. Then click the base of it to fire it, four birds will fly by, click the 2nd highest flying ones body(Very difficult, you should do before summoning ship)
-500$ Click the rightmost palm tree, a ship should move in from the right, wait for it to stop then arm and fire the cannon
-200$ There are swaying palm tree leaves on the left side of the screen. Click the highest one on its lower left section. Clicking it will have a guy fall down the cliff and have his bloody head appear on the lower left corner on the screen. A piece of paper will fall out of his mouth, click it(note that the guys mangled head will stay on the beach for the rest of your play session or until the events reset)

-Area 6
-200$ There should be some pointed plants surrounding the mini waterfalls, click the smallest one on the left inbetween the other ones,after a little bit, a creature will jump onto a rock in the middle of the screen and look at you, click his face when he turns to you
-500$ A frog is at the bottom of the screen along with a fly to the left of it, wait for it to get in front of the frog and click the frog to try and lick up the fly(You should click on the frogs eye as anything lower could bring up the pose menu)
-1000$ There's a brown chameleon hiding in the lower right corner, if you click the middle of his tail he'll start changing colors after a while. He'll change his colors to YYBRBY. Then click the colored mushrooms left of the frog in that order(you can also just input the color sequence without touching the chameleon), then a wrinkly man will come out of the stump above the chameleon with a coin, click the coin

Also it appears that after you buy Topless/Downless, Chest Chaos, and Privat Part Massacre, these secrets become replayable and earn you money if you do them again(I recommend not doing the area 5 cliff guy one again though unless you want his mangled head to sit there the rest of your play session)

-This allows you to remove panties and bras in the underwear menu after activation in the secrets menu
-Upon clicking the bra remove button, her boobs will jiggle a bit and she will give a soft moan
-While braless, you can click under the left boob to raise it up
-While braless, you can click the right side of the right boob to push it to the left
-While braless, you can click either nipple to raise both boobs
-Chest Chaos
-Selecting any of the chest chaos options will also remove the shirt and bra currently on(which in combination with the Privat Part Massacre negates the necessity to buy the Topless/Downless(Xs wont show in underwear menu though If you don't buy Topless/Downless)
-Selecting any of the chest chaos options(and jiggling the boobs)will also remove any skin effects on the breasts temporarily(the effect will return after flipping the girl and flipping her back, or repicking the effect)

-After selecting the option you can start by clicking on either of her nipples, then click the lightning bolt. After the jumper cables are attached, you can set the electricity to 4 settings, off, low, medium, and high
-You can press the X on the lower left of the box to cancel at anytime

-After selecting the option, you can click a bit above the right nipple and cause a hand with an alien egg to appear in the lower left. If you click it, the egg will be thrown on her boob, slide down a bit, and then fall off
-If you click on it before it falls off and after it slides down, it'll hatch, and a little alien will crawl to the left boob and slip inside it
-After selecting the option, you can click the underside of her left or right boob. After doing so, an alien creature will appear on the upper right, if you click it when it's fully extended, a slug like creature will fall out and wrap around the girls boobs
-If you click the alien slug while it's attached, it will stab through both boobs, fall off, and disappear

-After selecting it, click the very top of the right nipple, and just watch
-Privat Part Massacre
-Selecting any of the options will remove any shoes, socks, pants, and underwear currently equipped(which in combination with the Chest Chaos negates the necessity to buy the Topless/Downless(Xs wont show in underwear menu though if you don't buy Topless/Downless)
-After selecting it, you can click her clitoris to make her cum
-After selecting it, click the lowest part of her vagina to have a dildo machine walk in and stand under her crotch
-You can click the dildo itself to raise it just under her crotch
-You can then click the dildo again and it will fuck the girl until it cums inside her, and then fall off screen

-After selecting the option you can click just to the left of her vagina and an alien egg will appear
-You can then click the top part of it to open it. It will then send out a mini tentacle and open her vagina(you can continuously restart the egg opening animation by clicking the opening before the tentacle reaches the vagina), then go back in and the alien egg will head off screen(you can click on the alien egg opening again before the tentacle goes in to have it go back up and open the vagina again)
-If you click right on the girls clitoris while the vagina is open(This is EXTREMELY precise), the alien egg will send out a bigger tentacle and fuck the girl till it cums, it will then go back in the egg, and then the smaller tentacle will also retreat to the egg(You can still click on the opening to send out the mini tentacle to open the vagina again after the big tentacle enters the egg if you want to repeat the animation)

-First turn the girl around
-After selecting it, any skin effects on the butt will disappear temporarily(the effect will return after flipping the girl and flipping her back, or repicking the effect)
-While it's selected, you can click on either cheek to jiggle her butt
-While it's selected, you can click where the asshole should be(or the very bottom of where her cheeks meet)to spread her cheeks
-While her ass is spread, you can click her asshole and watch the rest
-Special Clothing(C=secret S=special)

-Glimpses of nudity without buying nudity
-Buying the hook can get you a peek at her nipples, but it's also the same price as just buying the nudity
-You can purchase the transparent clothing on the lower left for 360$ to get special bra 2 and special pants 1, with the white color palette you can barely see her nipples and vagina
-The previously mentioned "Chest Chaos+Privat Part Massacre" combo, even it's more expensive and less convenient
-Oddly special Bra 1 doesn't cover the ass from behind, but you still need to wear underwear so the ass will still be covered. You COULD use it with Privat Part Massacre, but at that point you can already see her bottomless

-Items with secondary color to change
-Hair style 1 5 8 11 12
-Shirts C3 S4S4S4
-Shoes C3
-Helmet C1
-Pants S3
-Bra S3
-Necklace 1 2

-Items that can change appearance
-Bra 3 C2 S2
-pants S1
-Helmet C3
-Shirt 3 4 S3
-Necklace 1 2