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Reviews for "Dress my Babe 6"

How does it take you two years to NOT add nude girl parts wtf BRO

Don't forget about the 1st palmtree with the first leaf up top that gives $500 and there will be a person who will fall down a failing dive down the rocks. Lol...

Because most recent posts missed some options to gain money i will share my discoveries:
Area 3: klick the small piece of snow in the middle right - 200$
Area 5: klick the 2nd palmtree. A cannon will apper on the mountain. Click the cannon to spawn a few birds. Click the smallest bird - 200$ but you have just one chance.
Area 5: klick the 2nd and 3rd palmtree. a boat and a cannon will appear. Click the cannon to shoot the boat. - 500$
Area 6: click the little bush in the middle. An imp will show up and turns his head. Click the head - 300$
Area 6: click the frog to catch the fly - 500$
Area 6: click the mushrooms order yellow, yellow, blue, red, blue, yellow. A imp will spawn with a ball of gold in hands. click the ball -1000$
Remember to collect the money, because if you get another free money or money from time the new money will overwrite the old one and you lost the old boost

I dig the Music

This game is really cool but I can't find the place to buy the secrets! Does anyone know?