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Reviews for "Dress my Babe 6"

I liked when I touched her butt..it jiggled... :) Fun .. i'd also like one of those robots..

if you could change tit/pussy and skin color it would be perfect c;


One word: Awesome.

There's a cool program called: snipping tool. It's already installed (in windows). Click on 'Start' then search for Snipping and wait till there is 'Snipping tool'. It works! Look on my profile picture!

These are the secret's:
There may be more I just can't find them.
Wait 45 minutes (look for every 5 minutes) and you'll get enough money to buy almost everything. Also, in the forest area, click on the frog. If you get his tongue to catch a fly, you'll get 500$! Also in the forest area (area 6), between her legs there is a small bush on a small waterfall, click on it and (3 sec later) there comes a 'troll' and if it turns head click on his face and you get 200$! Also, in the beach area (area 5), zoom her out (below her) and click on the coconuts on the palmtree and there comes a boat and wait till he stops. then click on the other one (next to the biggest tree, next to her hand) and there will be a cannon, click on it and the boat will explode and you get 500$!
Naked Option: Click on the picture of boobs in the shop to be able to remove the bra and panties. you can jiggle het tits by clicking on the nipples.

Chest Chaos: For the electrical one, click on her boobs and then click on the nobs on the power meter. For the invasion, click just below her right tit (Her right, not yours.) and then click on the grey thing inside of the pulsing red thing that comes down. Then click on the leach. And for the Madness one, its a little weird but click right below her left tit. (Again, her left, not yours.)

Private part Massacre: For the first one, click on the left side of her vagina to make her squirt, and the right to make leech appear. Click on the leech to start the action. For the invasion, click on her Vagina, then on the bulb that comes out. When the leech opens her vagina, click on it. It will take a few tries, Because the spot is very small. And for the last one, turn her around and click on the folds between her butt and thigh.
This is a great game. Very Nicely animated and nice outfits and hairstyles. I'm kind of ANGRY that this is the last one. But its awesome. These are all the secrets I could find.

Greetings, DressMyBabeUltimate!