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Reviews for "Mental"

Great Puzzler!

I agree with Prennick. It would be better if the locks were color coded. Other than that, the only other suggestion I would make might be a description of the characters telling the player what each character is best at. Might save a little frustration. Anyway, I really enjoyed the game and hope to see more like it in the future!


Very good game but there was some sort of bug when I tried to use the yellow key on the final door. The orange guy disappeared and the other characters wouldn't move anymore. Other than that it was very fun though. And fucian, you're an idiot for thinking that graphics = fun...

I liked it

Well then, this game somehow seems to have better graphics than it really does, I think it was just a great job. This game is the work of a pro, only sugestion I would make is to make more ;) I don't really have any constructive criticism on this game because it was done quite well, congrats.

new favorite!

after a while of running around completely clueless, i made it in 20 min's!
actually 10 points but i give it just 9 because i really really want more levels! =)

love it!

nice game

I enjoyed it...fun game.... music was awful , thats why 9/10