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Reviews for "Ninja Rampage"

I played it and loved it. I would have rated it 5, but then I decided to try to get a Grand Master rating on every level. You set it up so that it is very unfriendly for anyone to try to obtain this. There is no restart level option. If you are not careful, you will have to restart the entire game to complete one level.

Some sections are very buggy. Level 7, 8, 12, 13, and 16, I believe, were often troublesome, resulting in me having to restart the game again. I finally quit on the perfect score. Your game was simply not trustworthy. I could not just practice to make sure I was good enough for it. I would often get close and then there would be a bug, and I would have to start over. it is a good game, but not good enough. Considering people are still playing this well after you made it means you did something right.

*level 9* OMG 3 armor soliders there? *gets in and press asd and kills them* *accidentaly cuts a rope* Uh...WEll okay.. im a SPARTAN NINJA!!

Alright, so level 19 is actually impossible.
Good work on the game.

IggyZuk responds:

it's not impossible xD gotta use them wall jumps!

I love this game! I play it a lot when i can!

Sure, it's a game for me, and I can look past it's flaws, but to give it a true review I'm looking at it from an honest standpoint. No option to reset the level if you're trying to go for Grand Master, and no way to go back to previous levels except by restarting the entire game left me with no choice but to take away some stars. The other half of the star is gone because each attack has the same effect, I just used 'S' the entire game, no need for the other two.