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Reviews for "Ninja Rampage"

its ok

but i think the controls are prety bad. you should add the feature to chose wheter or not your jumping forwar or stright upwards by holding up or up left. and i think you should be able to control your wal climbing so you dont just rush up to the top automaticly and get killd. the feature to jump over your enemys would also be good.


kinda retarded

Kinda almost

The controls were funny to say the least. I can only jump forward... unless I'm on the edge of a roof? I have to auto climb? whiskey tango foxtrot on that one...

Other than that, it was pretty neat. Nice change of pace for side-scrollers.

love it

and the last guy was hard to beat but i had a plan sword fight!

pretty sweet

kinda flat (if you know what i mean) its like 12th century asian splinter cell