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Reviews for "Ninja Rampage"

One problem

It didn't tell me how to backflip, and I've tried all my buttons.
I restarted it thinking maybe I was being stupid and just didnt see it, but here I am stuck at 19 again.

TIPS!!!! + it's an awesome game

the game was 2 e-z except 4 the last three levels
Level 19: kill guy near gong, hit gong, do a back flip off the top of the wall.
Level20: kill guys on roof, kill soldiers
Level 21 (A.K.A. Boss level): kill three guards, kill boss by waiting until he is close, has paused in the middle of his attacks and then jump behind/"in" him, kill

Good game

This was a fun game,i like the style of it with it being a 2D platformer but it also having a stealth style to it with you sneaking up on enemies to kill them and avoiding traps so that was fun also the animation looked good too so overall it was a fun game that was pretty enjoyable.


sequel plz!

too easy

fun but way too easy, best level was the second to last, killing spree LOL