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Reviews for "Ninja Rampage"


Simple game, which quite honestly makes this as addictive as it is. More levels please.

nice but lacked a bit

this game was really well made and was fun to play however it lacked a couple of things which would make it so much better. hence only 8/10.

I liked how the game was based aroung stealth but it was still possible to complete without stealth. it was also quite cool how you could run up walls and that kind of stuff.

the graphics were of decent quality and the black and white made the game have more suspense. The interactivity in the enviroment was also good.

The game was, however, a bit short and i felt that it needed to have a betterending than just simply "you have complted your training". also the attackswere good and the choice was appealing but all the people died the same way so a way to improve would be to add in an extra 10-15 dying scenes.

All in all, a good game. Keep the good work up.


Way better than that other one just like it call "Ninja Rinseout" I don't know if you mode that too but i like this better than that one




almost the best,keep up the goos work=)