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Reviews for "bob's revenge"


the grunts are to hard, they do not take any time to "recover", they attaack at the same speed you do, and in the level with the bats, the platforms are a LOT smaller than the picture.


the game is fun but u lose rage every time you lose to the black knight so if you don't beat him the first time you are SOL other than that it was fun if you change this i'd give it an 10/10 i look forward to BOB2 if you fix the major problem from the first you'll have a great game on your hands


it was great except when you're really close up to an enemy and you attack it doesn't do anything

I expected a lot more

The game itself is fun, but there is a very big "BUT" here: the boss.
Each time you lose to him, your health AND you rage get reduced? WDF?!? The boss is already hard with high rage, and each time you fail to beat him, you get even LESS health and rage? So, all the work we have on the previous levels is lost because we can't beat a hard boss? That's totally nonsense.
Yes, this can be "solved" if you beat him the first time, BUT that's not something easy to do, the boss is very hard.
So you really should consider changing this. Either decrease his attack speed, or make it so that the player doesn't lose the HP and Rage he/she got during the rest of the game.


Physics are terrible in a game like this! Can't dash while running downhill and stuff, and you only dash backwards?! And then when platforms and bats come in, it's very difficult to stay still because EVERYTHING you do makes you move.

Awesome choice in music, but... bleh.