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Reviews for "bob's revenge"


liked it but i died in cave like 10000 times trying to jump stoned and missing like 12 times made me want to stop playing

fighting sucks indeed

its kinda weird when i fight swordsmen i kinda dash at them and walk behind them so i dont hit them. so improve that (and more weps and stuff) and it will be a great game.

fighting sucks

i really liked the game and the idea, but being a fighting game, you need to work some things out, like when swinging the sword, maybe he could move forward some, but not nearly as much as he is... backdash helps, but doesnt fix this by any means... Also, when i'm fighting the lowest enemies (swordsmen) my attacks dont hit them when i'm swinging away from them, as to be expected, but theirs hit me no matter which way they swing as long as they're in close proximity.. makes for a big pain in the ass. On the other hand, the graphics are cool, the options are nice and I really liked the idea... it just needs some work..


The game is pretty fun. It's a concept that has, without a doubt, been done before but a god one at that. Great choice in music, the game is good, just very basic. Add more (weapons, attacks, skills, etc..) and it will only get better.

not bad

sort of fun, but Bob is a bit slow, and the attacks don't get much better as you go. wish it had upgrading swords/weapons. just not a game that is terribly enthralling. the only good feature was the back dash, but theres no forward dash.
slow gameplay, not very enthralling, repetitive killing, and just not too fun.