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Reviews for "bob's revenge"


This is one of the best fighting/sidescrolling games I have played on newgrounds. Please tell me if you have a downloadeble version. I have a way to put it on my mobile phone ;)

5/5...GREAT JOB.

thedo12 responds:

WOW, thanks, and unfortunitly we dont have a downloadable version at the moment

One icky glitch

On one of the areas where you meet the axe men for the first time, there is a spot where you can fall through. Great game though, I liked it. Didn't play it all the way through yet, but it looks very promising.


Damn man that was a really good way to waste about 15 minutes. Sweet soundtrack too. Awesome job man xD.

really good

this was a well made game. for once you dont just z the enemy to death. you have to use enemy disadvantages along with your advantages.could use some work, but overall its there.

The games balance was very good. however, you should be able to block. the block should eventually be worn down, and when you block it should only be for a second, instead of just being able to hold it as long as you want.

the graphics were o.k. but you can tell that there was effort. if you add motion blur to the arrows, it would look alot better, but just a suggestion.

the fighting was good; especially since everything seemed balance. you cant just attack your enemy rapidly, but instead you have to think out the battle, making use of your characters long reach and your back step.

i found two glitches.
when using a power attack, if the enemy gets right on top of you, it misses every time. i didnt think this was a glitch at first, but when you use the normal atack, you can hit enemies on top of you.

also on the part where there was a gap on the right portion of the screen, and enmies dropped down, i could walk right over the gap.

overall i would say work out the glitches and make it longer, seeing its only 3.4mb. among the best sidescrolling games on ng.


thedo12 responds:

thanks for the review, ill be sure to take thoose points in mind


I think if you made an areana version where u can customize your own warrior guy and have different weapons and earn money from killing people to use in a shop or something, that would be fantastic it would take time but rome was not built in a day so i think u shud make an arena version and it wud definetly be one of the best games on newgrounds.