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Reviews for "bob's revenge"

cool but needs to add some things..

there should be blocking and maybe a special attack but nice game

Kinda alright..

Fun, but you need to be able to block. Seriouse.


its ok, you shouldve put a block or dodge kinda option in there. as it isyou take way too much dmg for it to be really fun

hmm ... using z as an attack button is a bad idea

because european keyboards are using the "y" on the place of your "z"

thedo12 responds:

you can change the controls in the menu


main thing is that you can't do any combo's.... the backdash was mainly useless, though I sometimes manageded to use it against the axe guy.
so make combo's, that'd be cooler... and what about that blue bar? it fils up but doesn't appear to give any advantage on the enemies...