Reviews for "The Strangers"

its ok

the games cool if you do the tutorial



Not Enough Detail

The over-all concept is good with an assasination plot and you trying to stop it. However I found it took to long to find the bad guy. I think it has potential to be a good game. You need to work more on it and it'll be better then. It would be better to put more detail into the scenery and backround. Also it might be a good idea to make it easier to find the bad guy in the first level and then create more levels that are more complex allowing for further difficulty. Good Luck!

What the hell

um how come there are only two snipers with 10 bullets against 8 snipers who the hell is this guy were guarding a bum god and one mission most people cant even finish man you have alot to work on

Umm it was ok...

It was ok but there was a lot of problems dude. It kept saying there was a sniper in position 3 and 4 but it wouldnt let u go into those positions.. Also on position 1 there was this stranger at a window and whenever i zoomed in it would appear and
dissapear... if u fix these problems this game would be rele good so try and improve for the next game u make.