Reviews for "The Strangers"

Too short

Way too short, the lack of extra ammo and the random switches between positions with no knowledge of needing to do so was quite annonying. Needs far more levels and more weapons to choose from. Plus you put snipers in pretty much the same place each time way too easy. Too short and too little substance.

You know...

I don't know about the other people... maybe they just didn't understand how the game worked... but I enjoyed it. I really liked the concept of having to place your sniper at different locations. I think you SHOULD make a second one. The other thing is have more Levels. one level is too short. Anyways I really liked your concept. Keep on improving!

Don't know how this got a daily placing...

Slow, awful pacing, confusing dynamic to it all round, and the tutorial does little or nothing to explain the mechanics of the game beyond sniping. The sniping itself is bereft of variables, so this just feels like a point-and-click adventure that's been put in the wrong section.


I'm really sorry but i didn't find anything enjoyable about this game, Try again with a "The strangers 2" and try somin new, i'll give it a try if you do so plz make one.


to long, to boring, to confuzingggg sorry.