Reviews for "The Strangers"


I supose....it's........well...........
..boooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrring! I Meen the first fucking level is shite!

A start

Seems more like a demo. The game was good, it just seemed incomplete. The gameplay was alright, however there has to be a way to improve over how it is currently - once you figure it out, it's just too easy. Perhaps if the game had more meat in the actual killing, such as make it more complicated that simply finding your enemy and shooting somehow, then it would be greatly improved. I liked the moving around of snipers and such, though the process was excruciatingly slow. Like most of these sniping games, is a small, very basic form of something that could be great, and also is too short. Anyway, not bad overall.


its ok...it got boring really fast....

pretty good

not great, but good. could use some work but i like the idea.

The idea is good

But the actual gameplay is too cumbersome. The snipers move a bit too slowly, and the little window on the left appearing every time a stranger shows up is irritating, especially if the radio reports the same threat twice. It would be a top notch game, if it were worked out a bit more. It gets a 3/5 overally and 7 stars for the graphics and ideas.