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Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

is just a copy!!

is just a copy of final fantasy tactics
meaby if only this be more faster be a great game

is good still, a few changes, do it more dinamic, more music, and it be better

FF Tactics RIPOFF!

I'm sorry, but you just re-created FF Tactics and in my opinion, I'd rather play FF than this. But I'll give you a 4/10 for this because you probably took a long time to work on this. Please try and make the storyline more creative though and don't make it so obvious that you took just about every word from another game.

you can do better

i've seen most of your games its alot better this is to slow and hard to click on exact area and its boring because of how they look and effects

good idea

good idea as i said but its boring, try to fix that somehow


You essentially ripped off your abilities, classes, artistic style, and game engine from Final Fantasy Tactics--arguably the greatest SRPG ever made--and you still managed to make something that wasn't fun. The controls are incredibly awkward--games like these were not really designed to be played with a mouse, and the fact that many tiles are obscured by elements of the foreground makes things hard to see. The fact that enemies can walk through your units pretty much destroys any strategic gameplay, because defensive formations don't work.

If you're going to "be inspired" by a classic game, at least try to make something of quality.

lautan responds:

I didn't steal anything. All clases/abilities are different, of course how can anyone make a medieval trpg without 'stealing' ideas from an other game, which has thought of everything. I drew everything myself, so drawing people and isometric boxes counts as copying fft? The game engine is incredibly basic, move, attack/ability, wait.

Hey i'll like to see you make anything even close to the quality of mine. You have no idea how games are created.