Reviews for "Knight Tactics"

I would have to agree

I'm sorry buddy, but I have played fft avidly since I was 16, 6 years ago. Here is some constructive critisism, you really have to change the layout of the story at least, its almost the exact same as fft only without the anoying scroll text. Now, Honestly, this is copy right infringment, and you can get into trouble for this. Change the story line, names at least. The Beluve family or w/e the flock its spelled is exactly the same. The only diff is that jobs are generic, not individual. But still, that difference won't save your ass. But, good job on it, im going to give it ten stars because I like the game and it must have been hard to pull all of that together. But I'm affraid im going to have to vote on blam material for the side bar.

lautan responds:

Actually I can't get sued for anything. The only thing they own is the game name and the pictures.

I like it a lot

I love tactic rpg's, so I support greatly this game, and voted five to bump its score a little, I think it deserves at least a score of 4.

and to all the people saying you copied final fantasy tactics, tell them ALL tactic rpgs are very similar... they don't even know what they're talking about

Im sorry man

It is like FFT no matter which way you turn it, I know you dont wanna be compaired to it, but thats how it is gunna go, but I have to say you did a good job making it in flash.

PROTIP: try setting hotkeys so you can macro insted of having to move the mouse all the way back everytime you wanna attack

Great game!

Really cool game, you should implement real time multiplayer :D

Can't wait for Knight Tactics 2!

Good game

Lol its a very good game, it reminds me from my Final Fantasy Tactics, and dont be lazy, put a principal character and secondary quests and citys to buy things and explore.
But also a very good game, congrats.