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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"


really great fun, one of the best games I've played on ng

Cool game, like the last one

I played just couldn't stop playing it, until i had all upgrades for uzis, shotgun, crossbow and rocket launcher. The rocketlauncher's splash-radius was a bit short, but it was still my weapon of choice(got 2 pistol upgrades, uzis and then i bought the rocket launcher).
Later the game got a bit boring, cause there were only the same types of enemies in different colours and big versions of them, but over all this game is just great ;-)
5/5 and 10/10

No!!! My precious beit hamikdash!

Well, I lasted to level 29. It's a really great game, cool theme, awesome weapons. I don't think the death sounds did the rest of the game justice, but otherwise I loved it!

The legend returns

The prophecy is fulfilled.

Happy Hanukkah!!!

FrostedMuffins responds:

Haha thanks a lot, still think that game we had going last year was pretty sweet, especially if we had way more time to work on it. Way more original then this, hehe


Man that was addictive!i got 82089,i wouldve liked to see more levels with ALOT of easy guys to kill.the blast radius of the rocket launcher was a bit small to.very fun game.