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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"


Man, that was fun. Shotgun > Everything. The crossbow was awful. XD


its shorter than the first 1 but with better sound and graphic.put in like 100 stages with like 10 weapons to keep it intresting but overall ful game!


It was.... Ok. I had a HUGE problem with it though. Actually, two huge problems.

1) Controls - Wow ok... Right hand on the mouse, left hand on the arrow keys... so... which hand am I supposed to hit the F button with? I mean... apparently the only way to win is to CONSTANTLY shuffle through your weapons as certain enemies came flying at you.

Solution?- Set the weapons to shortcuts. (The 1 for pistol, 2 for uzi's. Like that.) This is accessible, and I don't have to fiddle with the weapons til I get to the one I want and hope not to pass it. As for the movement, your fine. I would take out the ability to use the arrow keys. And reload should also be near that cluster... Maybe the, oh... I dunno... R button? XD With this set up, I have one hand in the corner of my comp, controlling all the statistics and logistics, and the right hand is blowin' stuff up.

2) Reloading - ??? Why does it take so long?! Ok... Stupid question... Why can't I upgrade the loading speed? This way, I'm not CONSTANTLY waiting for a reload. The Uzi does me no good if I can't use it.

Solution? - Give me an upgrade for it! This way, at the end, I'm not screaming, "RELOAD!!!" at my computer. Also, maybe different reload speeds per weapon? The Rocket Launcher should take a while because of it's strength, but even at full power, my uzi couldn't kill most enemies in one hit, so a faster reload time would be way better for it!

I also have some suggestions. Three to be exact! To make the game slightly more interesting.

1) Melee weapon please? A sword, a pitchfork, a manora, anything I can hit people with will do.
2) Premium Upgrades for weapons? An upgrade you can unlock after getting all the others for a certain weapon? This increases replay value, and doesn't make me feel like I wasted all my money upgrading the pistol. Maybe homing for the rocket launcher, burst shot for the pistol, shotgun could have wider range, Crossbow could have pierce? Adds pizazz to the game, and gives the gamer something to look forward to.
3) Turrets? Followers, special abilities? Anything that can be of aid? I know it wasn't one guy against all those people.... of course he probably didn't have guns either... but turrets, or followers, or maybe a little wrath from the big guy? Just somethin' ta chew on...

Ok. Now I'm done. You did well, and I offered suggestions, so If you make a third... Give me a message, and I'll check it out. I hope I was helpful.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Haha thank you very much for that in depth review. Awesome suggestions and I really appreciate them.
Actually I gave you two options, either the arrow keys and 0 on the num pad, or you could use WASD and F. However you're right, hot keys would be a good idea.
If I make a third next year, I will definitely incorporate everything you mentioned, I actually had premium powerups planned and some of them worked out but I ran out of time and had to scrap them.
Melee sounds cool, I've been avoiding it since you're relatively slow and bullets seem much faster, but now I see where it could come in handy.
Ya I should defintely get into those extra abilities like turrets and the likes, great suggestions.

Again, thanks a lot, I really appreciate that you took the time to write all that. Makes me happy inside, hehe :)

evan is a baller

evan what a bomb ass game
lol rocket launcher full upgrade
soo much funnn.
this game makes me want to be jewish.
enough said

FrostedMuffins responds:

hahaha I love you walker

Good Game

good game but 2 short i finished it n wasnt able to get enough cash to get the cross bow or the rocket launcher always used the shotgun or the pistol but still a very good game