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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"


great game, dont like how it takes like 10 seconds to reload
mayb put in auto guns or sumtin and dificulty lvls to plz

Not very fun...

I could only play it for about 5 minutes before getting bored. Then again, I usually don't like these kind of defence games. But, it was pretty good, so I'll just tell you, make it a little more interesting, add a little more weapons, or something like that.

its ok but it still needs a cheat code

the way i have to choose the weapon is fustrating. i always click on the wrong weapon.


i loved how u kept the backround the same as the frist 1 but this 1 wasn't near as long and was much 2 easy>_> and comeon only 5 weapons??? no bonus weapons???? no cheat code at the end??? dude im so soooooo pissed right now. i was haveing so much fun. this1 was better than the frist 1. i was killing killing muahhaa but then just outa nowhere the game fking ENDS???? dude that really pissed me off i was waiting to unluck those bonus fking weapons>.<this really fking pissed me offf!!!!

4/5 and 9/10

I had trouble finding what the money was but I figured it out in the end. Good AS and simple-ish graphics. maybe more of a story line would be great, a sequesl would be great.