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Reviews for "Defend Your Temple 2"

Very Good!

This game was really good...though reload time should've been speeded up.....I beat the entire game on my first try. Good Job...you should make another sequel.

Em...Am I on C-Rack or something?

I don't know if it was just me, but I did not see anything even remotely pleasing in this. The gameplay is far from fun or groundbreaking, and the customization is just bad. In the game "Defend your Castle", you defend all right. Thats it. A little bit of customization, ranging from 4 fucking weapons and small, useless additions to your gun.You can't even make your "temple" taller, fences, or ANYTHING to it (besides repairing it). I honestly don't see how this is getting 10's and 9's..

Good but a little diapointed...

It was good, but frankly I liked version one way better. This should really be called something like Defend Your Temple 1/2 or something cause the plot didn't change at all.

In version one the weapons were awesome like the shotgun, could shoot like shell with 15 bullets, the version 2 shotgun was basicly a rifle... Infact all of them could only shoot one shot at a time so there's not really any point of different weapons (except the rocket launcher I guess since it has splash damage), cause you can just fully upgrade your pistol. That made it boring for me...

If you do make a version 3 I suggest you make it more like 1 in the in terms of weapons, but make a different senario like convert the romans into jewish guys or make it take place in 23 B.C. and you need to hunt down Jesus (lol), or just make it take place in modern times.

P.S. Where are all the special weapons??? That Fulp Gun totally owned!


jews, and their firearms.

Roffel. XD

FrostedMuffins responds:

Haha thanks buddy

Nice Game!

WoW This game was realy nice! The gameplay was awesome!
But(sorry if i get i get it wrong) the time for reloading Clips should be able to upgrade, i dont know if "speed" does it to...But anyway. this is a 5/5!