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Reviews for "Teleporterr"

I like the concept

I love how you have to think on your toes, because there might be a pac-man chasing you, or a moving block. Oh, now my mouse keeps fading in and out since I played your game, its like a free cursor effect!

seems cool..

..but oe problem. after the second level. every time i clicked it wouldnt work. it jst kept following. and yes i made sure it was red again


It's great, but it's kind of... hard. Can you at least make it so you don't die if you touch an unmoving wall?


I was thinking that you should ramp up the pressure with a timer or something, but then I saw the moving blocks and pacmans. Pressure granted. I got stuck on level 17.


Interesting and intellectual, this game is intuitive and (relatively) original!