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Reviews for "Teleporterr"

Really nice game.

It's really cool... 10/10
Well made game, one of the best I've played on newgrounds.

not bad but

interesting for a while but this doesn't really have a new grounds feel. seems like it should be on miniclip or something. Well gotta give points for effort and entertainment not to mention being far better than 90 percent of the garb on here

Psycho responds:

What do you mean a 'Newgrounds' feel? Almost all flash games on the intarwebz are on NG. I'm happy that you said it was the type of Miniclip game though, as usually Miniclip games are the tops of everything.. perfect graphics, perfect gameplay and you'd be lucky to find a single glitch in those games.

ok, i guess

interesting... VERY interesting. it was a good idea, but teleporting was kinda weird. You should make a way that your ball can just sit while you position the mouse for teleporting. the ball kept running into the walls when i wsa trying to... good, though

trial by balance

its a nice and fun game to play, i would like to focus on the 1st few levels, this may sound stupid and against my diginity but i couldnt understand how to teleport, and after the third level i started to get the hang of the game and enjoyed it, keep them coming =]

Works just fine.

Interesting concept that kept me attracted. One thing to point out, the second song just mutes the game.