Reviews for "Teleporterr"

Really nice game.

It's really cool... 10/10
Well made game, one of the best I've played on newgrounds.

nice job

bstone the point is that you run into walls and its hard to tele he dosent want it to be super easy...10/10 5/5 just becuase ideots like bstone are bringing down the rank of a great game...danraniera is right tho it gets boring fast,tho

I like the concept

I love how you have to think on your toes, because there might be a pac-man chasing you, or a moving block. Oh, now my mouse keeps fading in and out since I played your game, its like a free cursor effect!


Level 17 is impossable, i like it, addictive.


Interesting and intellectual, this game is intuitive and (relatively) original!