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Reviews for "Teleporterr"


Glitch still there. Nice animation though.

nice job

bstone the point is that you run into walls and its hard to tele he dosent want it to be super easy...10/10 5/5 just becuase ideots like bstone are bringing down the rank of a great game...danraniera is right tho it gets boring fast,tho

Nice game...

but it kinda takes me off to boredom really quick, nothing really is that fun...

A few problems...

There should be some kind of option to keep your mouse independent from the ball, so it wont follow you everywhere. It's hard to click further ahead where you want to teleport without your ball running into a wall in the process. Also, if it must be that way you should atleast make it so the ball follows your mouse faster; a speed option would be nice.


1- The instruction section is too long. People normally don't read more than 3 words when a windows message pop-up for example (For references about GUI: User Interface Design for Programmers by Joel Spolsky).
2- Bug: You have options #1, #2, and mute. option #2 doesn't work.
3- Option to increase reaction speed would be nice.