Reviews for "Windows Errors 2007"

Ok... I think...

It didn't really exhibit a whole lot of skill, but it still made me laugh. It would get a higher score if the graphics and buttons were better, but they were just a tad boring, and the gradients really didn't look that tasteful. I must commend you for some moderately funny jokes however. So... just spend a bit more time on your layout, and maybe add something to make it tad more interesting, and this would get a much higher score in my book.

AntoArts-Admin responds:

A SMALL NOTE: This is one of my first flashes. It's over a year since I created it, I just took my time submitting it ;)

Not so great

I initially thought that it was gonna be some sort of virus game or something, but when it was error messages I was disappointed.

So the jokes in the messages weren't that funny to beonest, and to have ony 33 was a bit of a let down, overall this game does need work, but it's got promise :D

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AntoArts-Admin responds:

I'll do my best making the next one A LOOOOOT better. First, I'll do something for the user interface, I've got a lot of critic for those two buttons. I will also make the errors more funny, and I'll also try to put some other operating systems.


Some of the jokes here made me smile, but most of them didn't. I somehow expected to see some real error messages, not some fake ones (real error messages can be funny, too), so I was a bit disappointed.

The background music was well chosen, as it fitted the computer theme, but an option to turn it off would have been nice.

The main problem are the buttons. Only the text is clickable, not the spaces between the letters. That makes it needlessly complicated to press them. You should read some of the button tutorials here on NG to learn how to create better buttons.
Also, a "go back to start" button after one has reached the end of the slideshow would be nice, too.

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Can't deconstruct humour well.

Error 22 was my favourite, as well as the one about memory failure.

A lot of these joke errors seemed to follow a bit of a pattern and felt a bit old-hat. I'd like to be able to deconstruct the humour and explain why, but I'm not a skilled enough comedian.

One thing I can say - the buttons were atrocious! You need to sort out the 'hit' frame - maybe use a rectangle so we can click anywhere in that area, not just on the actual text.

Also, on the last frame you should remove the 'next' button.

The fact that you listed it as a 'game' did give me false expectations and I kinda hoped it might be a windows simulator with loads of errors plonked in. I understand it's not really a movie though...

Found this a bit tiring generally, but unfortunately, I'm not able to explain why.

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^^Good Points^^
Well, I guess if you have something against windows this would be a good slideshow to look at. To me, it's more boring than anything.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is basically just a slideshow of a bunch of images that you didn't even make yourself, rather just compiled in a very simple manner in Flash. Nothing interesting graphically and not the best interface either. Your buttons are just text and when you get to the end, you have to click "Prev" 30 some times to get to the beginning.