Reviews for "Windows Errors 2007"

Realistic Review

Alright I'm not trying to shoot down your submission, but instead give you constructive criticism that might help you improve with the next one you decide to make. Here it goes:

Graphics/Animation: 1
There's a low score here because I base this on the Top 50 flash movies in the portal, and this just did not seem to make the cut for anything really as graphics at all. Normally for a tutorial or something there would be a somewhat higher score, but this basically fit into the category of "picture gallery." If you had stuff going on in the background so that it wasn't just a black screen, then this would be a little bit more interesting to look at. Of course you want your viewer to be able to see what you're presenting, but at the same time you want to impress us as well.

Audio: 5
You had a good selection of music (I say this because ParagonX9 is one of my favorite audio contributors), but what happened to the other sounds? I really thought you could have added the sounds that the errors make sometimes for every time you clicked "NEXT." That would have really added on to the effect of clicking through a set of Windows errors. Any extra sounds you add on wouldn't have been too much or too little either, there's a lot you could have done extra that would have made your score higher here.

Humor: 6
There were some funny error messages in there that I really enjoyed seeing, such as the one about the Penguin for example. The randomness of the messages really adds on to the flash, but I felt like something was missing from the Humor for some reason. I don't know what it is so I apologize!!!

Originality: 5
We've all seen plenty of these movies out there having to do with Windows errors and flash errors and all of those kinds of things, but to separate yourself from the norm of movies you need to be able to add on your own unique style and add on things that you know will separate your flash from all of the rest. Try and make more to do within your flash, and add on all kinds of things to make it seem better for the audience you're trying to please, and your score will rise significantly.

Overall: 4/10
I know my scores don't really add up to being a 4/10, but most of the low score came from my personal preference of the movie. I feel like, no offense, but this was a mediocre kind of picture gallery. But at the same time I feel like you could have made this a much funnier and much more enjoyable movie by just adding in some animations and that sort of thing. Keep in mind I'm not trying to ruin your day with my review, but just help you instead. Nice work, and keep on improving!

\Review Request Club/

AntoArts-Admin responds:

Thanks for your review. This "game" is one of my first flashes that I never submitted until almost a year later. I see many good points in your review, even if many things have been mentioned before. I'll try to remember all of this for the next one, thanks for giving constructive criticism ;)

Not much of a flash...

I don't really enjoy this sort of thing. As far as I know you just grabbed a bunch of "funny" error messages off a website, and there are some much better windows parodies out there, that have some more originality to them. The presentation is poor. A couple of buttons, forward and back? That means it's just a slideshow! You could have at least made the actual error messages into buttons. You could have done a ton of stuff to make this better, have an on/off button for the music, have more than one song to choose from. Have a proper background, make the buttons more aesthetic, make it more interactive. Make it something you can be proud of, use your own jokes, the different versions of windows error messages makes it look even more mediochre. I hope you try harder and put much more effort into your next flash. It's nothing personal, it's just that anyone could string together a flash like this in half an hour, without any real knowledge of flash beforehand.

Sorry =/

-Review Request Club-

AntoArts-Admin responds:

I know what you mean....... Well, just for your knowing, this is one of my first flashes. The error messages are generated using: atom.smasher.org

Many of them are classics. I'll might make a error game in Errors 2008, in which errors respond, but the slide show will still be there, but with windows (ok, depends on OS, the 08 edition will have many different OSs) background and that stuff. I'll make a sound on off button, and try to have more of my own ideas. Still, pretty many here was my own ideas, maybe someone else have got the same idea but, well......

Thanks for your review anyway!


A decent submission I guess. Some of the messages were chuckle worthy, but a lot of them were bland. The music added to the submission a little, but you used an overused song.

Well, like I said a lot of the messages were unfunny. It also looked like you used some kind of automated webste to make these. I also thought the buttons were too annoying to hit.

A decent submission, but nothing to special.

~Review Request Club~

AntoArts-Admin responds:

Well, I used an automated website :/ Next time not, it's funnier to make own ones

Stupid messages, unfunny messages, they won't be there next time

4/5, 8/10

Not bad. Pretty funny actually. Here's what I think of it.

1. Music: Music was alright. Not a bad selection.
2. Some of the errors where actually quite funny. Not all of them tho.

1. Buttons could have been easier to press. Make them with a transparent background so it's easier to click.
2. It's just image after image. You should add a 'Fade in', 'Fade out' effect. This will make it look better.

I recommend:
1. Make buttons with transparent background so they are easier to click.

That's all. Anyways, nice submition. Make another one! ;P

*~Review Request Club~*

AntoArts-Admin responds:

Thanks for your review, I'm glad that you liked it, and I'll also remember those things for the 2008 version


i'm on to you!!!
only someone who is a powerful dark wizard of humor can make something this funny (i am on to you)!!!!!!!!!!!!! or if ya not then ur just a classic funny-guy!

my favourite error is "please install setup wizard to install setup wizard".

AntoArts-Admin responds:

Thanks for your review!