Reviews for "Windows Errors 2007"

Poor slideshow at best.

The thing I'd really suggest that you do before resubmitting this piece is to learn how to make buttons. Buttons that are only the size and shape of the letters are really bad news for games like this, as they tend to frustrate the users.

Other than that, it is just a slideshow, with a rather annoying backing tune. I'll admit, I did laugh at some of the jokes, but that's still not an excuse for making the slideshow into a submission to Newgrounds - I just don't like them, as there is no animation there at all and it's a rather basic program, not really embracing the spirit of Flash making.

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Not Great

The first thing I noticed was the fact that the buttons on this where kind of hard to click, you have to click on the text and can't click the space between letters. Have some pactice on making better buttons. The ease of use of this is good but the actual point is kind of eh, it's not really that much fun and although some are mildly amusing, none of them are really that funny, nothing more than smile worthy.

The lack of animation and anything much to do is a real let down, I was expecting something more of an error creation game or something. There isn't really anything that sticks out to me on this. Just seems too simple and not very entertaining. Keep trying though.



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AntoArts-Admin responds:

This is an old flash, and the 08 version will have loads of improvements

Funny... for a bit.

- Good stuff -
There was some quite funny parts when the writing was greyed out so it was like you couldn't click on it.

- Bad stuff and improvments -
The writing greyed was a bit overused in here so if you added a bit more varity of colours which will take the piss out of Windows much more if you puy it to a good effect. The graphics were fairly bad pretty much because there wasn't any original artwork, so if you added some little drawings to accompany the writing to add a nicer effect to it and make it seem less of just writing and more pictures. There was a big lack of sound, even if you added some Windows soudns it would make the whole flash be improved.
If you made the pop-ups clickable to make the next pop-up come up, it would be much more effective and make the flash a whole more interactive.

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AntoArts-Admin responds:

I know what you mean, thanks for your review

Not bad, but overdone

Lets start analyling every part of it. The modifications you did to the original Newgrounds pre-loader were cool, although the play button didn't show up, it only showed when we highlight it. And I like the original colours of the tank better than those shades of green.

The background music was nice, it matches with the computer theme. Most of the error messages were funny, specially the errors that were a continuation of the other error. However, some of the errors weren't that funny, and some of them I wouldn't even consider an error (like one of the earliest ones, error #3).

The variety of icons was pretty good, I liked them. What I don't undestand is the change between the layout of the error messages. I mean, changing from a older version of Windows' error message to a newer one out of sudden.

Still, Windows parodies are way overdone here. And yours didn't have anything too new or interesting for me to go back here and play this again. I've seen better parodies than this one, which weren't just error messages, but a simulator of Windows completely. So why not trying a Windows simulator, not just error messages?

Something that you should also improve on are the buttons. They were a bit complicated to press. Also, in the last error message, the next button was still there, and it was "pressable", but nothing happens when we press it. It should go to a credits screen, in my opinion.

There's a lot to improve here. Come up with more messages, something more interactive rather than just error messages. Nice attempt, don't give up!

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AntoArts-Admin responds:

I won't give up, and this is an old flash


Yet another Windows game, heh, nice and entertaining. Lots of gameplay in it, small filesize, good music and an amusing interface. Can't ask for more in these, keep it going!


AntoArts-Admin responds:

Interface amazing?