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Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

I expect more.

I expected an actual game, where you would try to catch the dragon while injecting heroin. Not some video cliped that looped.

Umm, no

I've said it a lot of times already, making something EXACTLY like it it somewhere else is really gay, especially from southpark. I love Southpark but I hate it when people make music videos to southpark songs and stuff cause it already WAS ANIMATED.

Besides, there was not a single bit of fun in the game, the audio quality was really REALLY bad, there is no story, overall the graphics were all stolen and the action scripting was terrible.


This game is ok if your bored to a point where you wanna cut out your eye just to keep you entertained but other than that this is pointless......you click the button....your inject your self and it repeats.....its pointless

what the ??

I don´t think that you´ve made much of an effort on this game...

it's boring

u never catch the dragon!!!!!!