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Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

I expect more.

I expected an actual game, where you would try to catch the dragon while injecting heroin. Not some video cliped that looped.

south park pwns

wow this game was so lame but southpark pwns i still dont really see anything that had to do with south park but the back round and the game is horrible u should spend more time working on that then 5minutes. so ya get back to work and make something better. . . . .


I honestly don't know what to say. I want to say that this is horrible, worse than that Zap game, the chick with the crazy hair that shoots bats that are abducting her fans. I want to tell you that this game was a waste of your time to make it, and mine to play it. I want your fingers to fall off so you can never program a game again.

But all of that is too cruel, so I'll just say, this needs improvement.


WOW!!! That was the best waste of my time ever!!! If anyone actually saw the episode they would know that its impossible and a big waste of time! It's not possible to win.

i cant catch you WWWWWWHHHHYYYYYYY????!!!!!!