Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

omg actuly vote on the game!

that was terible! i know what the main point is, I watched the episode... people are fricken voting this game on the way the episode is! the game is just a crappy copy of the episode! the episode is 9/10 the game is 0/10! people think with your minds!


Although it was funny on south park this game as a game is very...useless. truthfully i believe you wasted alot of your energy and time on something on something so hopeless. Although i was suprised at how you got it so much like the real south park i must say you spent a considerable amount of you time on this. And for that you have my condolences.


no more heroin hero parodies please their a waste of time. and turn out very crappy


I just threw up a little.

An abomination.