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Reviews for "South Park's Heroin Hero"

no one ever plays a little heroin hero

cool but kinda boring and stupid... and pointless


I really did not like this at all. Iam a big south park fan too.. but that does not mean this game is good. All you do is click like 5 times then your restart. No original graphics.. it's just bad. Maybe if you took this and made something good out of it like a game that lasted more then 5 clicks I would rate it higher.

Im just mad that a game like this [ more of an animation] could get front page.


ive been playing this game for about literally 2 hours and i always think im just about to catch the dragon...BUT I NEVER DO!!!!!!!!

Kinda bad

This isn't really even a game. If you were gonna make a game as pointless as this, the least you could do is try to completely replicate it from south park. This is more like a movie(loop) than a game, and if that's what you intended, you should've made it so it flows. It seems to break off.

omg, drugs?

is this game all about that?