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Reviews for "Fold"

beautiful concept

you need to know your difficulty level the concept was beautiful but some times its hard to control your person and your anomiles at the same time some levels are are impossible, they require agility and accuracy its like trying to do a drive bye with a sniper rifel going 100mph just simply impossible you need to tone down your difficulty if you do you will get a 10/10 5/5


really great idea i think it has great potential and you just scratched the surface don't let this idea die this was a great begining just let it grow bigger. this is frontpage material so keep up the good work


Its a good game... but itwas quite hard to handle while close to the borders
since you have to put the mouse in the direction you want the anomaly to be launched, and the flash' borders keep getting in the way

Nice job.

holy cow

that was beautiful and challenging

Good job

This is a really cool game! It's hard, but still unique and cool. While there is no music, which is a turn off, it still is a nice game.