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Reviews for "Fold"


Isn't there a sequel that contain's this game named manifold?

really good

simple concept, easy on the eyes, not too many distractions, very hard to master. might be nice if we knew what the little guy looked like. This is just a good game.

Great Idea

Really original idea if a little challenging at times. I could play this for ages without getting bored but a little help could be useful at times. Maybe a hint feature might be useful, just in case anyone (else) gets stuck.


Loved it. A challenge and fun. I give this my personal thumbs up :D

Awesome setup

Graceful and challenging play
Simple and clean look

Plenty of pluses

Still, I'm hoping this is a preliminary
Flushed out a bit more I'd probably replay it often

By flushing out, I hope for more color and detail eventually
and some easier character control (especially in free fall times)

Maybe allowing S to ground one's center of gravity
or at least 'E' instead of space for recollecting anomalies