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Reviews for "Fold"

Pretty Cool!

That was a very entertaining game and was very well made. Very unique aswell. Keep up the good work!

Very fun and over rad game!

I thought this was just about perfect in every way. The only thing I would of liked would have been if you added some quality settings but other then that its perfect!


this is incredibly unique, this is what that portal is meant for i really thought this was cool very simple and fun, it kept me entertained for a long time!@! thanks


Wow, really fantastic. It's incredibly simple, and the use of silhouettes instead of actual objects is great, especially for the purpose of the game. It's also incredibly hard, so I played it for nearly a half-hour on the easy level before I gave up. *lol*

I would almost say too hard on some of the levels, but that's the point of puzzles games. My favorite console adventures I was stuck on for days before something clicked and I passed it. ^ ^

Nice job.

nicely made!

gave me a good time!