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Reviews for "Fold"


This was awesome I lovd it!!

i love it

a solid brilliant game. has the feel of an orisinal game. love the newspeak btw. doubleplusplusgood

Great Game

I think you should make some sort of sequel. Even though I loved it you have to fix the sense that you know how to solve the puzzle but the character is too stupid. lol.


You get a 5 and 10 stars, but dammit! Super Happy Fun Slide is too hard! I can't do it!

Maybe you could add in the next game (if you do make one, which I hope you do), the power so that you can make the gears and stuff not move, or move backwards to add to the puzzles or something?

Not Bad at All

An enjoyable game here, but there was one major issue with which I contended: trying to use either WAD or the arrows AND the spacebar simultaneously. Some of the stages had simple enough solutions made difficult by a somewhat unwieldy control scheme. If you were to address this in a sequel, either by switching the functionality of the spacebar to another key (I would suggest Shift), or even better, allowing the user to set the control in Options, this would be killer.