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Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Pigpen Vs Nimbus"


Nimbus's rhymes and delivery were high grade as always, Pigpen dident seem to be able to make to much of a clever insult, While nimbus had a new Insult comin in every few lines, While rhymein more sylaballs. PigPen brought Its hard, But Nimbus slaughterd.


Nimbus did appear to have better general flow but his lyrics don't really help him that much against PiG. Nimbus disses his name a lot which PiG points out then PiG disses Nimbus' family matters and jailtime shit and it worked very well.


Pigpen1-Lol at the intro, fam. Im gonna give Pig credit for openly admitting to suckin dick; unique defensive maneuver, i guess. A few of the words were a bit mumbled and hard to catch without replaying the verse. I don't get the groundhog day reference.
Nimbus1- Flow is real tight. Lol at Charlie Brown, George Michael and Little Piggy. Joey did the swine flu line in round 1. Nice flip on the bitch in prison. The pig Latin bars were slick and creative.
Pigpen2- Sick response. "You want to be my dad, cause yours did a poor job" "Big bad wolf,trying to blow me".
Nimbus2-" Pop a pain pill" is overused, but so is "epic fail". I didnt get the "One time at band camp..." line till I checked out out Pig's ng post. I was mostly unimpressed by Nimbus's 2nd verse; the flips seemed kinda weak;"I dont have an Iphone I have an Android..." "I already said antibiotic". Charlie Sheen... really?

I'd give this one to Nimbus; his flow, wordplay and use of references (which seemed to be the theme of this battle) dominated. Glad to see Nimbus actually did some research this round (not just disses on titles/names).

Props to Pigpen. I thought this was going to be a definite victory, but Pigpen put up a decent fight.

Great battle gentlemen!

Just an FYI

I share a birthday with Sheen (Sept. 3rd). Great battle PiGPEN.


This was a great battle.
PiGPEN seemed a little more sarcastic about everything, and it was funny, a lot of his stuff was hilarious. Nimbus came at it hard. He brought stronger vocabulary and stronger insults. Even going at it hard, he still was funny at parts like the "Wee wee wee" and the Charlie Brown joke was funny too.
This was very entertaining, I wish they had more verses to continue it, but Nimbus took it all away with his last verse. He wins the battle, in my opinion.