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Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Pigpen Vs Nimbus"

Seven years later this battle is still great. PiGPEN came a little weak with his first round but every other round is a pretty vicious back and forth with some great rebuttals. A few weaknesses here and there - Nimbus doubles his vocals too much, PiG's flow slips a couple times here and there.

Overall I give it to Nimbus since PiGPEN had a weak first. Nimbus' first did have a lot of name disses, but he started the round with some strong rebuttals. Both guys showed up though.

nimbus made it


Best battle

Out of the entire comp so far . This was by far the best battle hands down

Nimbus did it.

Nimbus took all pigpen's rhymes and murdered them.


hands down nimbus blew my mind