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Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Pigpen Vs Nimbus"

Nice Battle

I gotta give it to pigpen for the first verse. He came hard as fuck. Delivery was insane. The "suck your dick" was gay as fuck, but it was a set up for the jail time. He used Nimbus' shit against him: "fam." Pig's second verse was weak, but nimbus didn't come back hard enough.
Nimbus came back hard but not hard enough. Nimbus had good flow though. The thing is that nimbus is an easy target though because of his popularity here.
Props to both. Good battle.

nimbus, for longevity

pig pen was more clear in delivery and very creative, but seemed to focus more on creative insults than the rap itself. his first line about "dick like a sippy cup" had me laughing. but nimbus just rode the beat and flowed better even though he was kinda quiet in comparison. his pig latin line was sick and BOTH verses were stable.
if pig pens 2nd verse was as good as his 1st, he would've won.


I'm grading based on skill and word choice, not to mention entertainment. It's clear they both have been doing this a while, but Nimbus seemed to be grasping. I don't know why others seem to think the "punches" are hard-hitting, they're just filler lyrics that had to reference his name. Then a Fosters/Outback reference because of apparently being in Australia? Either he's dumbing down his cultural awareness to appeal to the young NG crowd, or he's just lazy. Oh yeah, and it had to rhyme. His flow is good, for sure, but beyond that I wouldn't rate it.

After following the competition and reading about Nimbus' past, it was pretty obvious PiGPEN would go after that. I prefer the more personal attacks, mocking of style, and homophobia parodies. And anything with Groundhog Day gets my attention. Saying "reference" twice annoyed me though.

Again, they can both rhyme words well, but when it comes down to lyrical content, I'd take PiGPEN.


Wow, it was really hard to pick the winner for this round. But, since my votes are based on who's more entertaining and who's more convincing in the lyrics, I've gotta give this to PiG.


one of the most well delivered and cohesive battles to date. pigpen had a good first round but spent the first 7 bars of the second verse summarizing what nimbus said and i felt like that lost a lot of momentum.
in general Nimbus had a solid battle top to bottom with constant attacks. At the end of the day, win or lose it's good to see good battles. Props to both of you.