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Reviews for "NGHH'11 - Pigpen Vs Nimbus"

oh i can review myself, sweet.

PiGPEN: half+i like the way i say "wtcrap" :3, +rick astley diss, half+for ambiguously phrased prison rape, ++"this time the pen served nimbeeees" i make such awesome exit lines that one in particular was quite a poetic summary and nice punch *jacksoff*
Nimbus: +WAA WAA WAA, lol did you say rick ASHley?, +grateful dead, +WEE WEE WEE, half+piglatin
PiGPEN: +flipping the excessive amount of "pig" disses, +pig as cops/sore spot, ++negligent father diss...would not normally hit so hard but the jail stuff has been firmly established, +bigbadwolf flip, half+angrybirds flip, half+#biwinning
Nimbus: -proudly announcing youre gonna do more pig jokes, half+hitler....not quite a diss, half+flipping hypocrisy on the vague gay diss from verse 1 (what took so long), meh exit.....Charlie Sheen is at round a billion BRO.


BigRed responds:

...did you really have to post this?

SHIT, Love this Battle.

I Been loving every battle that PiGPEN has been in. He had great flow And Some nice lines But Shit, Nimbus Rip him. "that verse was like a charlie brown All i heard was WAN WAN WAN Nimbus I want to suck your dick Soon" Great line that line alone Rip PiGPEN First Verse. Nimbus Came harder then PiGPEN Wish he could of came harder in the 2 verse But oh well. Great battle for the 2 Round!

Both MC Did Great! But my Vote Goes to Nimbus Straight up.


This was a sick battle. It's tough to pick a winner.
Both MC's had great flows and lyrics.

I'm gonna vote for Nimbus as I think he had the slight edge in regards to his burns.


pretty dope, i liked both a lot. nimbus had a bit better voice and flow and i think his lines hit a bit harder, but pigpen had some shit too.

Good one

One of the better matches so far.. im happy to see that the ones with talent are starting to surface. looking forward to the other match-ups.

to cut it short I am going to have to say I am with NimbusTheGeneral on this one. I thought his flow was great and was able to understand everything said on his end.

Overall i wasn't feeling PiGPEN. I just don't find him easy to listen to. very high pitch voice thing he does and it doesn't work for me but that's just my opinion. Either way he had some good lines as well. I just felt Nimbus more.

Props to you both.