Reviews for "RWD: 005 Halloween 07"

Yay Halloween!

This was great, RWD and anything else by Yotam is always funny. All of you guys did an awesome job.

Oh, man...

That was so great, it's not even funny. I meant the movie's funny, but it's not funny how funny that was.

For some reason, I crack up laughing every time it gets to funy-mony's part.

Great job!


The video itself was pretty funny, and I give it a seven, but I recognized that one little part from 'Bang Bang Your Dead' on a place newgrounds would stomp my throat for saying...

Back to the video in it's ultimatum. It was funny.. and interesting.. Jesus, I can't write reviews... Anywho it was good.




I love this, it's absolutely brilliant.. found this on DA, can't stop watching it.
You all should work together more often.
Love the extras... Happy Halloweenie XD
Kudos to you all ^_^