Reviews for "RWD: 005 Halloween 07"


wow seƱor gato voy a ser un fantasma siii tres fantasmas wow dudes that was awesome yes este hallowen voy a ser un fantasma amigos lolololololololololol

That surprised me. A lot.

Wow. That was... funny. It make Michael Jackson seem normal. I LOVED IT! Perfection at its lowest! The child of Strange is RWD. Freaking hilarious. Could've been longer, though.

Less Than Three (<3)

LOVEITLOVEITLIVEIT! Especially the extras. The penis one kinda freaked me out, but the happy guy with the caniption was grand. Awesome to the end.


I liked it very much, oh and the music at the beginning (in the menu) brought up nostalgic feelings inside of me. It was the same music that was used in Toonstruck (don't think anybody knows that game) and it was used in ren and stimpy too.

Dude are you seriously gay?

SERIOUSLY (Nice vid tho :o)