Reviews for "RWD: 005 Halloween 07"

OMG lol

I loved the extras, I fell off my chair and hurt my head on the secret video extra lol, I feel like rating it bad because I hit my head lol but I won't :P.

I would've gave it 10/10 but the animation was too repetitive.

lol nice

good work from RWD as usual.
did lazymuffin use a clip from one version of his 'bang bang, you're dead' flash in this??

awsome ^^

that was cool , loop ! i like tese kind of animations +)

Video games

"Its time to blast off to dreamland" said the fairy, and apparently her ways of blasting includes a series of gas leaks

That isnt spam, figure it out yourselves


Found The Super Secrect Extra Within The Movie!


When It Shows The Kid Eatting The Candy (without Checking It!) See The Game System Behind him? Click The Little Red! P.S. Vote This Comment as HELPFULL! lol