Reviews for "RWD: 005 Halloween 07"

it was some pretty good spam

loved the craziness, but the beginning could have been done better, him just going to the words of the song, wasnt very~ spammical.

you get an xD


this is so funny. In the extras the noise on the green feather one is from bioshock ;) Nerd fact.


AMAZING video with amazing song i never hear that song anywere else and extras are cool ... im soooo being a ghost on halloween :)

Funnier than the Mexican Power Rangers

Thats all I have to say and it is true,atleast with the padlock extra. It felt funnier than an episode of mexican power rangers. Which now compels me to ask, are the power rangers just called Luchadors? :-/ hmmmmm.... *Pokes with a stick* YAY your not moving! :D

Awesome lol

I loved the nlo reference